Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 more for ya, Steve Lauder and Nick Esposito

Steve Lauder 07/08 first comment on the video says it all "this guy fuckin kills it". Steve's the man watch this!

and then we have Nick Esposito 07/08 it's a sick part, can't wait to see his part this year in the Happy Tree video.

The Collective Clothing

The Collective from my understanding is a new company as of this past season? Anyways they've got a cool little team, and they just put out some videos of Shaun Murphy, Zack Wilmot, and Sam Blaze, all really cool kids that own the brown at boardin. You should check out the when you're done watching these.

Chad Tim Tim

Bored so a few more videos haha.

Bored, so fuck is a video of Keegan Valaika, he's another one of my favorite snowboarders, really sick style, really good all around snowboarder, check out his footage from last year.

Here's a fat spanish kid falling in water..

Grendys part from Keep Talkin, fucking youtube and their gay ass music rights made the song change but whatever fuck it, Grendys can rip to any song haha.